Pre Ramadan Deep Cleaning Package 50% OFF

Pet Care

Pets are the most adorable members of the family. Who doesn’t love pets? Pets require the care and attention they crave for. They are sensitive. Pets should be handled with utmost care and attention. AMHS is the best pet care service provider in Dubai. Our pet staffs love to take care of your pets. Now […]

Personal Trainer

Get your Top rated coach in UAE at your doorstep. Our Personal Trainers will provide customized programming, motivation, and a dose of fun during every step of your fitness journey. Studies show that personal training doubles your chances of overall exercise success and body fat reduction compared to working out alone. What is the best […]

Kids Services-Boys

Kids Haircut – Boys 12 years & below Get the latest hairstyle by our expert professionals at the comfort of your home, for your boys below 12 years of age.


Mani-Pedi Combo A perfect package combo of manicure and pedicure for perfect neat and shiny nails. Men’s Haircut & Beard Get a fresh and stylish look with a new haircut and a neat beard trimming from one of the best stylists in town. Haircut & 30 mins Head Massage Combo Finish off your new stylish […]

Hair Cut/ Beard

Men’s Haircut Get a neat haircut from the comfort of your home. Includes all professional setups for the process. Men’s Haircut & Beard Get a fresh new haircut and a neat beard trimming from one of the best stylists in town. Includes all professional setups for the process. Beard Trim & Shape Get the trending […]

Kids’ Services-Girls

Kids Mani-Pedi Mani-Pedi Treatment for kids below 12years of age. Girls’ Haircut (Below 12 Years) Simple style of Hair cut with blow-dry for kids below 12years.

Hair Detention/Extention

Get fuller fab locks with this edit of clip-in hair extensions. Whether you’re looking for ponytail hair extensions to hide any bad hair day drama or some curly hair extensions for your mane, you’re sure to find the perfect match in this selection. Braid some neon clip-in extensions to your mane for the perfect festival […]


Classic Mani/Pedi Foot Massage Combo Manicure & Pedicure for perfectly polished Nails and a foot massage that will leave you feel relaxed. Full Body Combo Mani-Pedi with polish application, half leg honey waxing, Head Massage, Eyebrows Threading Jelly Spa Mani-Pedi Combo Spa-Clay Mask, Jelly Soak, Nail Care, Sugar Scrub, Polish application, Butter application & Massage […]

Special Needs Home Therapy

There are many ways to help minimize the symptoms and maximize the abilities of children with autism. If your child receives the appropriate therapies and interventions, they have the best chance to improve their skills . Types of Learning Disabilities We can assist to provide for you the best and qualified therapist team who will […]

Home Tutoring

Our team of experienced tutors in Dubai make lessons fun and are committed to helping students to achieve their academic goals. Our teachers provide online private lessons to give students the best learning sessions with high quality learning materials. We use the best materials and interactive technology to make our sessions effective and fun!


Wooden furniture is the mainstay of most home interiors. Stylish and functional, wooden furniture is also sturdy and tough. Like with most things, overuse leads to the need for maintenance. This is where the requirement for carpentry services in Dubai arises.  Carpenter work is essential for the upkeep of wooden furniture since regular use leads […]

Curtain Cleaning

Curtains are essential in our home environment and sensory processing – It shields our place from excessive sunlight and dust while enhancing a visual appeal. In order to prolong your curtain’s lifespan we need to clean at least twice a year to the dust-free, and to avoid health matters such as sinuses. Our professional curtain […]

Eyebrow Tattoo

Eyebrow Tattoo is the must-have eyebrow treatment and is very popular in Dubai and the Middle East. Our Eyebrow Tattoo procedure uses the tried and tested process of micro-pigmentation to implant pigment into the brow line to achieve perfect eyebrows which last for 2 to 3 years.


We apply stunning henna patterns and designs, spreading the word about this beautiful form of skin art. We have professional and experienced bridal henna experts and artists based in Dubai. We offer a variety of henna designs for any kind of event like bridal henna, party, event, engagements, fashion, tv, models, corporate events, personal appointments, […]

Dyes & Coloring

Beard Dye Give your beard a fresh color and a young look in 30 minutes. Includes professional setup for the process. Hair Dye (for 5 cm – 15 cm hair length) Give your hair a fresh color and a young look in just 40 minutes. Includes professional setup for the process. Hair Dye (for 15 […]