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Carpet Cleaning

Let us add a new life to your carpet …

On a daily basis, your carpets gather pollagens, germs, and dust. We can not get rid of all the dirt only by vacuuming. Dirt starts to get embedded and accumulates in the fabric of your carpet and leads your living space to be harmful and unhealthy. With our carpet cleaning service, we make sure that we leave nothing on your carpet that does not belong there, bringing a new life to your carpet and a healthy environment to your home.

Our carpet methodology consists on :

Full Carpet Shampooing:

Using a rigorous amount of water with a mechanical rotating machine and powerful extraction vacuuming system to get rid of all dirt and smudges. This is a takeaway carpet cleaning process that takes between 48 to 72 hours maximum for carpet delivery.

Foam Carpet Cleaning:

Very fast and effective cleaning method using a high range of carpet cleaning machines and carpet cleaning eco-friendly soap same day clean and dry.

Carpet Steam Cleaning and Shampooing:

It’s a hot water extraction system the temperature can reach 170 degrees celsius to get rid of all germs, bacteria, and stains. It is a same-day cleaning and drying.

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