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Sofa Cleaning

Why do we have to clean our couches?
Your couch is where you spend most of your time at home. It is a centerpiece and a heavy traffic area.
It is where you spend time sipping a morning coffee, cheering up with your loved one in front of the TV, curling up with a book, having a nap, etc. Because of that, it’s likely a place where it is exposed to all kinds of spillage, stains, and smudges over the years as it is a high-traffic area.
To ensure your couch stays in top condition for years, it’s necessary to get it cleaned professionally at least twice a year.
How much time does it take to clean and dry?
Cleaning your couch will take less than an hour (depending on how many seats your sofa is), and the furniture dries in about two to six hours. You can also add a stain protector for an additional fee.

What Should I do?
Here’s our breakdown of the best couch cleaning services across Dubai.

Our expert will define first what type of cleaning will give better results as there are different types of upholstery that need different ways of cleaning.
Basically, we offer two main kinds of sofa cleaning:

Steam cleaning:

It’s a hot water extraction system the temperature can reach 170 degrees celsius to get rid of any germs, or bacteria. It is the perfect method for upholstery made from cotton, wool, polyester, and some other types. For other delicate materials such as linen or silk, our technician regulates the steam and controls it to deal better with this type of material.

Sofa Shampooing Cleaning:

It’s a more rigorous cleaning process designed to get rid of your upholstery of dirt that has been embedded deeply in the fabric. It consists of hot water extraction with sofa shampooing neutral soap and a combination of special effective additives. 

Stain Removal: 

Some sofas suffer from Stains caused by food spills, accidents, and oil- in that case, it is necessary that we treat those stains by spot cleaning technique using a special mild chemical to blot out stains from the upholstery. We are really good at this; in most cases, the stain will be completely or nearly gone after the cleaning is completed.

How can I protect my upholstery during and after the cleaning?

To help your cleaning go smoothly and to keep your upholstery in excellent condition between cleanings:

  • Keep pets out during the cleaning: it is important to keep your pets away while cleaning as you may know Pets are carefree and might cause more stains when cleaning is being done.
  • During the cleaning progress, it is advisable there should be no form of smoking in the home as upholstery can retain particles from cigarette smoke.
  • Also, make sure that the room is well-ventilated. This will help the furniture to dry on time.
  • Subsequently, after cleaning, it is also important that you schedule regular and periodic cleaning for your sofa.  Lightly used upholstery would do well to be cleaned once a year. With more use, cleaning more frequently is highly recommended. This will help them last longer.

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